About us


We invite you to discover the connection between humans and nature that have united us since the dawn of time. The connections that create real stories in this civilisation that moves at an ever-increasing pace with each passing day. We invite you to open your eyes and see the true beauty of nature — to see the beauty that has a spirit! To touch and feel those true connections with your fingertips– without masks – without fear – rushing along the marks of the passing years.


WE CARE! The environment surrounding us, a unique and magical place  that is ever-changing, its contrasts and the perfect dynamic of nature.


WE SHARE THESE CONNECTIONS – interior accents, furniture, wood – all of these have a presence that has been overlooked, unwanted, forgotten and unappreciated. We create according to the magic of the discovered tree, touching it with love, and it then reveals itself in all its beauty. This is not mass production; we are creators and producers who are involved in all the stages until the piece reaches your destination. Our tree is alive, with a unique look and history, with all the cracks and marks of the passing years. We emphasise and reveal its individuality, so that its natural properties of breathing, reacting to fluctuations in temperature and changing environments are not lost.